Evaluation Criteria for the Presentation

1. preparation of the presentation file and text to be spoken, submitting by the assigned                deadline
2. self-editing: careful proofreading to fix errors which you are capable of noticing
3. organization of content
4. preparation of vocabulary that needs to be explained to the audience
5. efforts to study your topic and learn English from it
6. preparation for and rehearsal of the presentation performance
7. voice: pronunciation, pace, word and sentence stress, clarity, volume
8. inviting questions and discussion, posing questions to the audience
9. responding to questions: how did you handle the unscripted aspect of the presentation?
10. your participation as an audience member

Presentation assignment for this semester: Presentation about a film. Summarize it, describe its good points and bad points, and present a short scene (with dialog) for language study. See more instructions in this pdf file: Assignment for presentation about a film.