Evaluation Criteria for the Presentation

1. preparation of a Powerpoint presentation file and text to be recorded as narration for it, submitted by the assigned deadline
2. self-editing: careful proofreading to fix errors which you are capable of noticing
3. organization of content
4. preparation of vocabulary that needs to be explained to the audience
5. efforts to study your topic and learn English from it
6. preparation and rehearsal for the recording of the final presentation
7. voice: pronunciation, pace, word and sentence stress, clarity, volume

Presentation assignment for this semester: Biography. Create a multi-media presentation about a historical figure. Write and produce your own script and narration for the presentation. Biographies of contemporary popular culture figures are excluded. One goal of this assignment is to learn how to write a critical report about the subject. That is why no fan reports about pop culture figures are allowed. You have to write about the good and the bad points of your subject. Another goal of the project is to learn something about people and events of the past, not well known aspects of contemporary popular culture.

To make voice recordings for this course, use the best microphone you can find. Bluetooth microphones and internal microphones in computers and smartphones don't produce high quality recordings. Try to use an external microphone that you can plug into your computer. The earphone-mic headsets for smartphones are usually good enough. Check your recording and try not to record breathing sounds or unwanted sounds like your microphone moving against your clothing, background noises and so on.