November 23, 2022

You can download the transcript for the lecture about air pollution and urban forests.

Send the first draft of your presentation to the teacher as an attachment file in email.

November 16, 2022

You can download the document for the lecture about the extinction of the dinosaurs here, and you can watch the video here (4:36).

The first draft of your presentation is due on November 30th. Send the powerpoint file to the teacher as an email attachment. The instructions for the assignment can be seen in what is written on this page below "October 5th".

November 9, 2022

You can download the document for the lecture about the American Civil War, and you can watch the video here (4:36)

October 26, 2022

You can review the video comparing Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln (with English subtitles).

The document for this video is here.

October 12, 2022

I put a notice on Campus Square for Web saying that I had to cancel the class on 10/12.

Instead of a lesson in class, I gave the students some material to study on their own. The assignment was to watch the video at this link (19 minutes).

The transcript and discussion questions are in this pdf file, so please study this too. Be ready to discuss the video on 10/19. On that day, I will also collect the homework assigned on 10/05.

October 5, 2022

Write a three-minute speech that compares and contrasts the American Black Bear and the Grizzly Bear. Use the expressions on page 3 of the lesson about Asian and African elephants as a model for this exercise. This link about bears is a good source to use. You can make a comparison and contrast in terms of face, ears, body shape, size, weight, color, claws, footprints, dangers to humans, diet, habitat.

You can download the transcript about elephants here and watch the video here.

When you do your research for your presentation, you might find a movie in the "biopic" genre that is useful for your study. Here are some examples related to national history of various countries. Some of these are biopics and some are historical dramas based on actual events. You can probably find these in Japan at DVD rental stores:

Racism in America

12 Years a Slave, Ali, American History X, BlacKkKlansman, Malcolm X, Mississippi Burning, The Best of Enemies, To Kill a Mockingbird

American Politics and Presidents

All the President's Men, Born on the Fourth of July, Bridge of Spies, JFK, LBJ, Vice, W., Lincoln, Nixon, Milk,  Platoon, Snowden, The Right Stuff, The Trial of the Chicago Seven, War Machine, Wasp Network,Thirteen Days

World War II

Darkest Hour, Downfall, Schindler's List, Hacksaw Ridge, Patton, The King's Speech, Catch 22

Environment and Public Health

Erin Brokovich, The Insider, Minamata, Silkwood, A Civil Action, Dallas Buyers Club

20th Century History (not American history)

Dr. Zhivago, Frida, Gandhi, Lawrence of Arabia, Reds, Seven Years in Tibet, The Last Emperor, The Last King of Scotland, Invictus, Tesla, Che (Part One and Part Two), Colette

Renaissance and Enlightenment Era

Elizabeth, The Mission, A Man for All Seasons, Amadeus, Braveheart

September 28, 2022

As preparation for your presentation projects, we looked at examples of presentations about the history of particular countries.

You can review these examples at these links:

Martin Luther King Jr.

Winston Churchill

The next video we will study is an example of a "compare and contrast" essay or lecture. The topic is very simple, but we will study this to learn the expressions that are used to compare and contrast two or more things. You can download the transcript here and watch the video here.

September 21, 2022

The file you need to complete your homework was sent by email. Check your Seijo email account to get it, or download it here. The link to the video that we studied in class is inside that file (watch it again here). Do the speaking exercise on pages 4 and 5, and do the note-taking and summary exercise on page 7. Sample answers are on pages 8 and 9, but of course you should look at those pages after you finish page 7.

For the final project, we will be doing our presentations with another class. The suggested theme for this semester's presentations is to continue to study the place you covered in the first semester. This time, research an aspect of that place's history. If you want to choose another place, that is alright, but I would like to stay with this theme of historical research about a particular place.

Faculty of Social Innovation, Seijo University, Tokyo. Instructor: D. Riches 2022/11/30