Be sure to complete your reports on the form provided on the Homework and Tests page.

If you are having trouble finishing your reports quickly, Homework and Tests page has a list of study sources that are easy to study and easy to finish quickly:

Send your reports by email to the teacher:

In your email, tell your name, student number, class name and day and time of the class.

You can attach your report as a MSWord document file. Make the file name like this:

your last name-your first name-year-month-day.docx
for example: tanaka-saburo-2019-10-23.docx


This page is a course guide and teaching supplement for my students at Seijo University, Tokyo, Japan. It is not a part of the official website of the university, as it contains information related only to my classes.

Course Information


Every student follows an independent study plan. Evaluation will be based on completion of weekly assignments and participation.

Final examinations: 35%
Completion of weekly assignments: 35%
Participation: 30%


Some students have trouble with the responsibility that comes with the freedom of university life. You have to manage your time and prepare yourself well. You cannot delay in making an effort. There are 30 classes per year. At the end of the academic year in January, any student who has been absent for more than 1/3 of the classes, for whatever reason, cannot take the final exam and cannot get credit for this course. Note that this permitted number of absences gives a student a reasonable allowance for any absences due to illnesses, injuries, and emergencies. For example, if a student were absent 9 times for no good reason, then absent once because of a serious injury, then absent again to attend a funeral, he would fail to get credit for the course because 9+2=11, which is more than 1/3 of 30.