English Language Study Sources for Finishing a Report Quickly

Dave's ESL Cafe. This is perhaps the most famous site in the world for learners and teachers of English as a second language. You can find links to everything related to English learning, from basic to advanced level.

日本語 The Japan Times Alpha. English news articles for students of English.

Many Things - "fun study site for learners of English as a Second Language" -- Quizzes, games, reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary, slang.....

A4ESL - A good list, frequently updated, of English learning podcasts.


Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
A YouTube channel with Videos subtitled in English

MMMENGLISH Youtube channel with many speaking and listening exercises

Multimedia News and Education Sites for English Language Learners

The BBC has a website specifically for English Language Learners.

Voice of America. Many resources designed for speakers of English as a foreign language. The speakers in these audio and video reports speak more slowly and with more basic vocabulary than those who appear in mainstream media.

Updated on 2022/01/29