Resources for English Language Learning

mmmEnglish. YouTube channel with training in pronunciation, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and idioms.

Voicetube. You can listen and study each individual sentence within a video. You can take and save notes about the vocabulary within the script. You can also listen and record yourself saying sentences from the script then compare to the original.

YouEnglish. This is a tool for developing pronunciation. Just search for any word or phrase and you can find an example in a YouTube video. It will take you directly to the part of the video where the phrase appears. You can then listen to the phrase in context and see the sentence that it appears in.

TubeQuizard. You can select a level, the area you want to study, the type of film and even the accent you want to learn. TubeQuizard will generate activities for you based on the subtitles. You can then listen, fill in gaps and check your answers. There is also a search engine so that you can type in a specific phrase and find a video that contains that text.

Eigo Net (英語教員のためのポータルサイト)

Dave's ESL Cafe. This is perhaps the most famous site in the world for learners and teachers of English as a second language. Links to everything related to English learning. 日 本語 News articles available in both Japanese and English versions. Read it in Japanese first, then read the English version, or vice versa.

The Japan Times Alpha. 日 本語 English news articles for students of English.

Many Things - "fun study site for learners of English as a Second Language" - Quizzes, games, reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary, slang.....

Effortless English. Courses, videos, blogs, some free resources, free sample lessons.

Useful English. A large resource with lessons in grammar, phonetics, idioms, vocabulary and much more.

A4ESL - A good list, frequently updated, of English learning podcasts.

Podcasts in English


Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

ELL Japan Numerous listening exercises for all levels.

A YouTube channel with Videos subtitled in English

Practice minimal pairs - listen to and repeat words that sound similar


EduFind's online English grammar resources

English quizzes from the Internet TESL Journal

Simple Online English Courses


Check your vocabulary level. The Compleat Lexical Tutor.

A visual thesaurus. An interesting way to study vocabulary.

Multimedia News and Education Sites for English Language Learners

News in Levels: World News for Students of English

The BBC has a website specifically for English Language Learners.

Australia Network also has a section for English language learners called English Bites.

Canada's CBC has a site for English learners.

Voice of America. Many resources designed for speakers of English as a foreign language. Audio and video reports are spoken more slowly and with more basic vocabulary than those produced by mainstream media companies.

Multimedia News and Educational (more difficult - not designed for English language learners):

News in Levels: World News for Students of English. This site has news reports at three different levels. Students can choose which level is best for them.

CBC (Canada)     ABC (Australia)     BBC (Britain).  You can find many other sites like these, but some other media companies that require a payment in order to access their video broadcasts. The ones above are free. Read an article about a topic, then try a video report on the same topic.

Would you like to know what it would be like to study at a foreign university? Go to this website at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA to watch streaming videos of lectures by professors there. An excellent source for your improving your language skills, study skills and knowledge!

This website shows lectures in philosophy and ethics presented by Michael Sandel of Harvard University. You can watch both the professor's lectures and the students' questions at Harvard University. If you search for マイケルサンデル on YouTube, some of his lectures can be found with Japanese subtitles included.

The website called TED has hundreds of interesting short lectures on a wide variety of topics. The videos can be freely downloaded and copied to portable phones, iPads etc... Many of the TED Talks can be viewed with subtitles and transcripts. Specifically, you can search for the TED lectures that have been translated into Japanese. You can access the Japanese translations also through Digitalcast's TED日本語 web pages.

English news media from various countries:

India    Germany     Singapore    Brazil  Russia   China   Iran  and many more news websites in English...


Online Japanese-English dictionary: WWWJDIC

Standardized tests of English as a Foreign Language:




International English Language Testing System (IELTS)