February 10, 2024

The final examination was held on January 26, 2024. You can now see the test with the correct answers.

Practice test (done in class on January 12th, 2024) with the answers included.

Things to review before the final test


1. The story about the lost earring. This document includes all the listening, reading and writing exercises. You can listen to the audio file.

2. Review the story about the house next to a golf course. Listen to the story here.

3. You can download the story about the injured hitchhiker. You can listen to the story here.


1. Download this pdf file about conditional sentences. You can check the answers for the on-demand assignment given on October 28th.

2. Use of verb tenses and verb forms with explanations in Japanese.

3. How to write questions, how to use verbs in questions, with explanations in Japanese (Document 1). Document 2 has the answers to the exercises in Document 1.

4. Master the irregular verb forms. You studied this in junior high school, but you need to review it and be sure you can recall the irregular verb forms quickly when you are speaking and writing. Irregular verb forms are important in all grammar study. They appear in grammar lessons 1, 2 and 3 above.

Preparation for the Speaking Test on January 19th, 2024

You can download the guide for the speaking test: Giving Long Answers and Giving Friendly Reactions to Answers.

Use this file to prepare your questions for the three topics of the speaking test.

Follow the example about Titanic to have a conversation about the third topic--your favorite story.

The speaking test will be held in the last class on January 19th, 2020. Before the speaking test you have to choose another student to work with, and you have to prepare a five-minute conversation about each of these topics:

1.    Your high school days
2.    A memorable holiday
3.    Your favorite film, novel or story.

a. On the day of the speaking test, only one of these topics will be chosen, so you won't know before then which topic you will discuss during the test.
b. You will have to prepare all of these topics.
c. You will have to speak for five minutes.
d. The teacher will observe and record the conversation.
e. The best way to prepare is by practicing as much as possible.
f.  You will not know whether you are going to ask questions or answer them. This will also be decided on the day of the test.
g. The way to succeed at this test is to prepare well and practice all the topics, both questions and answers, many times during the semester.
h. We practiced in class, but you can also meet with your partner to prepare for it, and you can also prepare by communicating by telephone and e-mail.
i. For this test you should not memorize a dialog about the three topics. This is a test of your conversation skills, not your ability to remember a scripted dialog. It should be somewhat ad lib and casual. You should write notes to remember what you want to talk about, but don't write dialogs.
j. Don't give only short answers. Add extra information to your answers. This shows your partner that you are eager to talk.
k. Before asking the next question, give a comment or reaction to each answer. Show empathy. This encourages your partner to keep talking.
l. Arrive and wait outside the classroom ten minutes before the appointed time for your test. Don’t be late!
Contact the teacher if you have any trouble coming to the campus that day.